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500 tips love and romance


Rabu, 28 Oktober 2009

Michael Webb has been considered on of the "Romance Experts" of the world for some time now. It is no wonder that his book "500 Lovemaking Tips And Secrets" is as popular as it is. It is not sold in stores so the web is the only way you can get a copy. As the title suggest this book is filled with not only love making tips but also guide for a number of sex related issues such as premature ejaculation and the most common mistakes couples make while making love. Of course with a title such as this book has you can expect to find guides on sexual positions as well some "unknown secrets" that promise to make your sex life thrive. This book also covers thing to keep your sex life exciting such as games you can play with your partner and some very interesting places to have sex.

This book is catered to both women and men as it gives equal weight to the importance of both sides in sex. This includes 539 tips and begins with various insights on truly understanding lovemaking, thing that can make sex more intense such as adult video, sex toys, necessity of romance, and unknown qualities of Karma Sutra. Inside the book are guides that deal with proper lubrication and 16 different postures and positions.

Some tips that are included for men are:

A fool proof technique to find a women’s G-spot. Find out how to strengthen your erection just by adding a couple foods to your daily diet. Learn how to give your women oral sex the way that she really wants it.

Some tips for women that are included:

How to completely satisfy your man by using your hand. Learn the various stages of a strip tease. Various tips and techniques to help your man with premature ejaculation. Multiple tips and techniques to give your man the best oral sex he has had.

This book comes highly recommended from those who have used it in their personal lives. Below are some excerpts from people who have used the book.

Testimonial from

"I have read the 500 love making tips for couples and the thing I appreciate about it the most is that as a Christian counselor it is not in any way vulgar or offensive and I can use it to recommend to my clients". - Teri (Christian Counselor) Franklin, Tennessee

I wasn't looking to improve my marriage or anything like that. I simply wanted HOT SEX! I discovered I already knew about half the tips but the one's I didn't know seem like a lot of fun to try. My p#$%s will probably fall off with all these new tips but I will be one happy man. - R.C. Valdosta, Ga

"I wanted nothing more than to please my man and was especially looking for tips on giving him great oral sex as I have read that is one of the biggest complaints that men have. The look I now see on his face (and the moans I hear) when I go down on him made it worth every penny. I want my man to be completely satisfied so he wont be tempted to look elsewhere." – Name withheld

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A few of exercise programs and motivation

Many people know how important exercise is as an integral part of their weight loss and health plan but still have a difficult time fitting it into their busy lives.

One possible reason could be that, yes, exercise can be challenging when you first begin your program or you just give yourself the excuse "I just don't have the time."

What I have figured out for myself and for hundreds of my clients that no matter which exercise program they choose, it must be something they enjoy. Especially when it comes to the setting and location.

For me, I have converted the 2nd bedroom of my house into my "home gym".

NO, home gym does not mean I have the most expensive, high tech equipment. To be honest, the only items that make up my home gym are: an exercise ball, 2 adjustable weights, an exercise mat, and an old Spinning bike that I bought used from a local YMCA. That??s it! Nothing expensive or high tech about it.

Many times in the past I have joined gyms and told myself I was going to go. But like many other gym members, I never go! Now, I do really enjoy exercising so why wouldn't I actually use my gym membership?

I figured out that I really love my exercise room. It??s my private time to myself and I don??t have to worry about who else needs the equipment or who??s lurking around the gym. I get an hour to myself and it??s a great way to start my day.

I asked myself if this could possibly be what's stopping many people from exercising. ????Is this most people??s problem? Do they not like where they work out so they just don??t want to go??? So it??s really not the actual workout but the environment that they??re in.

Now maybe for you the situation is just the opposite. You don??t like working out in your home and you would much rather get out and be motivated by other healthy people. Whatever the case may be, choose something you enjoy! You will never make a lifestyle change to include exercise on a consistent basis if you don??t enjoy it. Who wants to do something that feels like torture? Not me. I love my morning exercise time and if it felt like torture, I just wouldn??t do it.

My question to you is: What do you have to do to make your workout time enjoyable? Or (heaven forbid) something you actually look forward to? Join an adult sports league? Start your own exercise group? Join a new gym? Set up a home gym? Find a workout partner? The choices are endless.

Try many different options and figure out which activity you would enjoy best and I assure you, exercise never has to be a drag.

Get started on a new healthy nutrition and exercise plan right now with the meal plans and exercise programs in The Diet Solution Program.

Receive the best diet tips in your email inbox each week by signing up for The Diet Solution Newsletter.

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How to Save marriage and Stop Divorce


Selasa, 27 Oktober 2009

Save My Marriage Today Review

What Is Save My Marriage Today?

Save My Marriage Today is an ebook that will give you a detailed, step by step plan to help you win back the love of your life without groveling, begging or making other desperate attempts that are ignored by your ex. The guide is a six day course that can be used anytime that you feel your relationship needs a boost in a more positive direction.

Save My Marriage Today is intended for:

· Anyone who wants to win their lover back before they end up in divorce court

· Anyone who has recently experienced the breakup of a long term relationship

· Anyone who wants to improve their marital relationship using a proven method

· Those who are age 18 and up

· Married couples who are having trouble communicating effectively

When you place your order for Save My Marriage Today, the ebook will be in your hands within minutes. The text focuses on the relationships within the marriage, which may be stuck in a vicious cycle of arguments about who is right and who is wrong, arguments about finances or even those marriages that are suffering from neglect.

Does Save My Marriage Today Really Work?

When you want to improve your marriage, Save My Marriage Today is one of the best tools that you can have on hand to make your relationship one that is happy, loving and full of positive communication. Save My Marriage is not a cure all for your marriage, but it does tell you exactly what you need to do to make the relationship a more positive and loving one.

Whether you are suffering from infidelity in your marriage, or you simply don’t feel as close to your spouse as you once did, then Save My Marriage Today is a tool that you simply must have to improve the situation. The six day program provides detailed, step by step and day by day instructions to help you become less worried about who wins the arguments, and more concerned about where your relationship is going.

What Have Customers Said About Save My Marriage Today?

Save My Marriage Today has been successfully used by thousands of people, and here is a small sample of what some of those users have to say about the program:

“I can see us being happily married forever now. My eternal thanks!”

Actual user review on

“My relationship with my husband has been going downhill for too long, and I purchased your book in a desperate bid to fix things. After reading your info I discovered that I had been guilty of a number of things that you identified as begin warning signs of a problem marriage. I have been following your methods for remedying the situation, and I have been staggered by the success.”

Actual user review on

“When you are in a marriage, your partner is supposed to be your most trusted confidant. When that is broken with disappointment, that puts a huge stressful disconnect on the relationship. Luckily, with the help of Save Your Marriage Today, this was one of the things that my wife and I were able to get through…”

Actual user review on

These people are only a small sample of the many, many people who have successfully used the six day course described in Save My Marriage Today. When you are in a stressful situation in your marriage, or even if you are close to a divorce, then Save My Marriage Today could be just the program that you are looking for to help you make positive changes, without the cost of therapy or counseling.

Would You Recommend Save My Marriage Today?

The simple fact is that as long as you, even without the support of your spouse, are willing to work on your relationship but simply don’t know what to do to improve the situation, then Save My Marriage today can work for you.

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How to make ex love back

Like many of you, i have had a few relationships that have gone bad and I ended up being dumped by my girlfriend.

It all happened two months ago, when my girlfriend of 4 years said that she needed some space for herself. Naturally, I was devastated. I felt so alone and was left with so many questions unanswered that I tried calling her every day (rookie mistake number 1!). She never picked up.

I was getting really low - I had gotten used to her presence, her smell and her arms being there to hold and comfort me. Now that was all gone… so i decided to see what other people had done to get their ex’s back on the Internet.

It was then that I stumbled across Ryan Hall’s “Pull Your Ex Back” book. Ryan had been through a nasty breakup but he had discovered some relationship secrets which helped him get back with his partner. He had put these secrets into a book.

I bought the book and did exactly what it said. I sent a letter to my ex and then started working on myself. Within a couple of weeks ( I think it was like 2-3 weeks), I was dating her again. I felt reinvigorated and changed. Within just one month, she was back in my arms.

I couldn’t have done it without Ryan’s book. It was so simple to use that I know it will help you out. His techniques are so obvious that you will be kicking yourself once you realise what mistakes you have been making and just how easy it is to get back with your ex.

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